Saint Valentine's Day is a very special day for people who is in love, but we do not know the whole story. Let's learn a little bit more about it.Who was Saint Valentine? There are a lot of accounts. One of them says that he was a priest who was killed when he defied emperor Claudius II. Claudius...

Carnival 2018


Carnival has arrived again. Every year, a lot of countries celebrate it by dressing up in very particular ways. A lot of colourful and weird costumes are shown around the streets and through parades.

In the English countries, the 15th December, there is a typical celebration in the offices, where all the employees wear a Christmas Jumper. The more tasteless the Jumper is, the better.

Winter has arrived and, with it, cold and snow. We need a lot of layers to protect us from this cold, and sometimes they are not enough.

Last month, we went to London to present a project created by some students of 2MIP. It is an ecological proposal to recycle the waste carpet of Fira Barcelona. We visited some entrepreneur companies, which are devoted to networking, and a design university. Obviously, we also visited the city. It was an amazing experience. I attach some pictures...